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So I'm currently in the process of moving and I don't know about you but I HATE MOVING! Moving is so time consuming especially going through every article of clothing and everything you've kept that you don't need. Organizing and packing are my least favorite things in the world to do and moving kind of forces you to do so. However, I always feel a lot better after going through all of my clothing and donating things I never wear. It's also fun to find hidden treasures of clothing items you forgot you even owned! I'm a dress girl 100%! I love shopping for a new dress whenever I can find the excuse to do so. Almost all of my dresses are attached to an event or my modeling days which makes it so hard for me to donate dresses even if I may never wear it again. Ahhh Memories.....So I decided to post a few photographs of some dresses that I'm attached to and images from when I wore them below:

Dress #1 My Wedding Dress
Obviously, this is one of the hardest items for most women to part with even though they will never wear it again. My dress is from David's Bridal and I love it most because I was married in it. It also the most expensive dress I've owned though it was only $600.00 at the time of purchase. I would like to donate it soon but looking at it today did take me back  to my wedding day. 

Photo by: Clark Patterson Photography| Austin Tx

Photo by: Clark Patterson Photography| Austin Tx
Dress #2 My first BeBe dress gifted to me by my Mother in Law :) I absolutely still love this dress. I've worn it a total of 3 times since I received it years ago one of my favorite times being a professional photo-shoot. However, this dress is still in my top favorites!It's comfortable and fits like a glove which is a double plus! 

Photo by: Rhender Photography| Houston Tx

Photo by: Rhender Photography| Houston Tx

 Dress #3 My Mardi Gras Style Dress which was also gifted to me actually by my sister in law :) I've worn this dress once and it worked perfect for another photo shoot I did for my portfolio. The dress gave me just enough glitz to my glam which I was going for. I'm thinking of donating it but it's the most glitzy dress I own and for some reason I still feel I'll find a reason to wear it *New Years or an actual Mardi Gras Party. Maybe?? lol

Photo by: Ojofoto| Houston Tx

 Dress #3 My little black Studded Tutu Dress lol Purchased from one of my favorite online stores for really affordable "Night on the town" type clothing. I wore this dress one time and it was for my 23rd birthday which I threw a party for and got all dolled up. I hate throwing parties because typically many people end up not showing up and that is exactly what happened. We had fun none the less but I'm 27 and still haven't found an excuse or event fitting of wearing it again. Donated it today!

Taking a Walk down memory lane has totally made a day of doing laundry and packing seem worth it. : ) Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave your thoughts!! 



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