My Top Beauty Rituals For 2015

HI Loves!

        I almost titled this post "Beauty Rituals I'd like to keep up with in 2015!" lol However, I wanted to keep the title simple and I'm really going to make a real effort to take care of myself inside and out. It's really difficult to routinely do anything extra for yourself when there's work and numerous other responsibilities. Hopefully this post will spark you to start back up and keep up with some of your own beauty rituals. ENJOY! 

Weekly Facials
I wash my face everyday with my choice skin care system Proactiv Plus. Applying a masque at least once a week has proven to be beneficial for the overall appearance of my skin. I swear by Queen Helen "Avocado & Grapefruit Masque" and "Mud Pack Masque." Queen Helen is Affordable and I can immediately see a difference in my skin's appearance. 

You can find these products and others at:

Body Skin Treatment

I wash with an exfoliating body wash daily. Applying a seaweed masque to my body every other week has proven to help my skin retain more moisture. I really enjoy H20 skin care products and the seaweed mud treatment shown below is one of my favorites. You can pamper your skin at home affordably!

Find this and more H2O products here:

At Home Nails
The mid to end of last year I became so busy that going to the salon to get my nails done and even doing it at home seemed so time consuming. However, recording YouTube videos or attending events with chipped nail polish was embarrassing to say the least. So I've decided even when I'm not going to the nail salon I will file and paint my nails weekly.

Color of the week: Lavender:) 

Drink More Water 
To have great skin it's important that you take care of your body from the inside even more so than the products you use externally. If you do a little research you'll realized that some skin problems are caused by what we consume. Typically I drink a couple bottles of water during the day and one before bed. You can squeeze lemon into your water for a refreshing and cleansing drink. 

Click the link below to read this blog post about the benefits of drinking lemon water. 

Beauty Sleep
I've been doing fairly good in this department because I love my sleep but there are times when I become inconsistent. We've all heard how important it is to get your sleep for your body to function at it's best but it definitely helps your outer appearance as well. No one likes under eye circles and bags or dull tired looking skin. Let's all make sure we get a consistent 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day as often recommended. 




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