My 5 Skincare Tips For Acne Prone Skin

HI Beauties!

Happy March! The month of February was a really busy month and I'm sorry my posts lacked this past month. I'm back at it and I wanted to share some tips that have greatly benefited the appearance of my skin. I have acne prone skin but now I only get random breakouts when I'm having a stressful week or during my cycle.

Here I am in Screenshots from two separate YouTube Reviews on Proactiv Plus 5 months apart. #nofilter :) To check out those videos visit the links:

Acne sucks in your teens and is just as embarrassing as a young adult. Using these tips I've greatly improved the occurrence of my acne breakouts and even the appearance of dark spots/acne scars. I hope my 5 tips will prove beneficial on your journey to clear skin!

Tip 1: Find or create a skincare regimen 
You can use a skincare line that contains a ready made regimen of products like proactiv which I use or create a regimen using another product line with multiple products to customize your skin care routine. There are even natural product lines that offer a variety of products to create the perfect regimen for yourself. Do your research on the product ingredients as well as look for real reviews online. Give products time to work I'd say at least 30 days and if you have a negative reaction please discontinue immediately.

Tip 2: Use a cleansing wipe prior to washing your face.
This tip is especially for my makeup lovers like myself ;) Cleansing wipes and makeup remover should be your skins best friend. Prior to cleansing your face using a cleansing wipe will remove makeup, dirt and oil from the surface of your skin. Your cleanser will be more effective in penetrating deep within' your pores without all of that build up. Make sense??

Tip 3: Extend your cleansing time.
Simply working your cleanser in for a little while longer can make sure you're getting the best out of your cleansing product. So if you work your cleanser in for a few seconds and then rinse I'd say about 30 seconds would be more effective. I even leave my cleanser on after working it in for about 15 more seconds and then work up a slight lather before rinsing the product away.

Tip 4: Make healthier food choices. 
The healthier food choices you make the more healthy your skin and overall health will be. A lot of skin issues are internal issues. That may mean something as simple as cutting your sugar intake. Sorry for those of you with a sweet tooth. I personally haven't drank soda in about a year and try to drink more water than anything else. Now I've just got to learn how to stay away from those french fries ;p

Tip 5: Manage your stress.
Stress can cause many health issues and it can surface in your skin through acne breakouts. When I was planning my wedding my acne flared up more than it has since my teen years. You can't avoid stressful situations but you should definitely find ways to de-stress. Exercising, messages, and even meditation could help reduce the effects of stress.

***Disclaimer: I am not a paid sponsor for proactiv.
It's the only thing that consistently works for me.****



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