Everything is Fabulous!

I'm just getting back from a trip to Las Vegas where I took a day trip to visit the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was an amazing sight to see and I wanted to share the outfit I put together for the long trip.

I'm a girly girl who loves dresses and heels so I'm still getting used to dressing comfortably but still feeling fab. I made it a point to pack my short white tee from H&M that reads "Everything is Fabulous" and I found it appropriate for this occasion. This specific top is comfortable but still chic and can be styled in many different ways by pairing it with a different bottom.

I was going to be on a bus for hours and doing a bit of walking so I paired this top with a pair of jeggings aka jean tights. I was glad to find a pair of white active-wear shoes in my small collection of sneakers. I felt pretty accomplished to pair the white tee with a white pair of tennis shoes by Danskin. :) I added a pop of color with my neon cross body purse from target. I had a sweater that I brought with me in case I was cold on the bus and wrapped it around my waist at each stop FYI.

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