The Print Jumpsuit

I've been wanting to share more outfit posts and my recent trip to Vegas helped me get into gear. I recently purchased this Jumpsuit from Burlington for the summer.
I was so excited to find an outfit with a pattern that I actually like! The pattern with a combination of light blue, orange, purple, and tan outlined in black really caught my eye. The fabric has a stretch to it which seemed to hug my body and is so soft! :) You can add a waist belt if you'd like more cinch at the waist but I didn't find it necessary for the fit of this particular jumpsuit. This was probably my favorite day vacation outfit because I felt pretty stylish but comfortable. The great thing about many jumpsuits is they can easily be taken from day to night by adding a pair of heels and accessorizing. This particular day I just wore the jumpsuit with a pair of flip flops from target and bangle earrings. The next time I wear this number I may add a cute sandal or heel and more jewelry to play the look up a bit more. Thinking of the possibilities gets me every time. :)

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