Las Vegas Getaway + Grand Canyon Tour Pictures


The first week of June my husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas for the week. We stayed at the MGM Signature hotel on the 31st floor in a deluxe balcony suite. The view from our hotel room was awesome! We gambled very little, relaxed by the pool, visited downtown, walked the strip a couple times, saw a show, visited the wax museum and a shark reef. Overall, we experienced Vegas like most married couples straying away from partying. During our trip we also took a bus tour to the Grand Canyon. Though we had lots of fun exploring Vegas I'd say visiting the Grand Canyon was the highlight of our trip. We can officially scratch that off of our bucket list see the grand canyon. We had such a great time on our getaway so I decided to share some images with you all. Yes, It's 3 weeks later but better late than never. Right? :P Have you or will you visit Vegas and or the Grand Canyon? Comment below!

Madame Tussauds Wax Figures: We had way too much fun posing with our favorite celebs! There are way to many pictures to fit in one post so I've shared a few of my favorites! :)

The view from the 31st floor balcony Suite at Signature MGM: And random shots of me and my husband on the balcony. lol We loved the view especially at night!

THE GRAND CANYON! Yes, it needed to be in all caps. :) We visited the South Rim side of the canyon (which is said to be the best side). It was such a great experience to view the Grand Canyon up close! I don't think pictures do the Canyon justice but I think we captured some pretty good ones. :)

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