How To Make Sure You're Receiving Notifications On YouTube

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As an active YouTube creator and viewer I find it frustrating that all new uploads don't show up in my subscription feed. This means that we're relying on being notified whenever our favorite creators upload a new video. It is perfectly fine if you haven't chosen to get notifications but if you don't know how to get the notifications you want that's a problem. It's definitely a problem for the creators like myself who put in lots of work to create content. I had one of my faithful viewers tell me that she no longer receives notification of my new uploads and doesn't see them in her subscription feed. The subscription feed only shows so many new videos and does not include all of your subscriptions. YouTube has made a lot of updates to give the viewers more control over notifications which is great but many people are unaware how to manage their notifications. Below I've provided the steps on how to manage and turn on notifications. I hope you'll pass this post along if you know other's having the same issue. If you're a creator this may be beneficial to share with your viewers! 

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Enabling Notifications on your mobile phone is even easier!

From your phone you'll notice a bell symbol  right next to the subscribers count on the creators channel. Just tap the bell to enable or enable notifications! See the screenshot below:

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