Denim Overalls and My Natural Hair story!

As I'm gearing up to introduce more natural hair content to my blog and my YouTube channel I wanted to share my story. My experience with natural hair over the years may be very similar to many African american women.
Many of us don't get to experience our natural hair textures from childhood. My hair was chemically straightened (aka permed or relaxed) when I was 6 or 7 years old. Growing up I was in love with the Just for me hair relaxing kit for children. I would run around singing the song from the Just For Me relaxer commercial lol after getting my hair relaxed and styled. If my edges weren't laid down or my hair started to puff up a bit from new growth I was given another relaxer. That usually was every month. I can remember the smell from the relaxer when I was younger really making my stomach turn. I also remember being excited to have silky straight hair for the next few weeks. This became a ritual that carried on until my mid twenties. I discovered hair extensions after getting a really short haircut and hating it when I was 19 years old. I fell in love with the versatility that wearing extensions gives you. I went from short to long, straight to curly, and dark to honey blonde highlights. I did not care about my hair underneath my extensions. There were a few years that I don't even remember what condition my hair was in. I would only get it permed and or washed to be put right back into a weaved hair style. At 23 years old I decided to stop wearing weaves and go on a relaxed hair growth journey. There were many women on YouTube and blogs with long flourishing relaxed hair. I spent an entire 2 years trying different methods, products and hair growth supplements to grow my relaxed hair.

I believe there was 2 reasons I had no progress. Reason One: I had neglected my hair for so long while wearing extensions I had no patience and didn't stick with any one product or method longer than a month. Reason Two: Relaxers aren't good for your hair in the first place. Though I will never slam those who choose to relax their hair. People tend to forget that relaxers are chemicals that can't be ingested and can burn your skin. So just think what it does to your hair over time. Moving on though. I stopped relaxing my hair at the end of 2013. I transitioned to natural hair by wearing my hair in braids underneath wigs and extensions. I cut about 2 to 3 inches every other month. Which is about every 2 months when I went to get my hair done in another weaved style. By May of 2015 I had completely transitioned to natural hair! I recently stopped wearing extensions so that I can start styling my natural hair on a daily basis. I'm still getting used to wearing my natural hair but I love it! It's actually really freeing to know that an untamed hair style is a style in it's own. Growing up I would've been made fun of, teased and talked about. These days I get looks from people who still aren't used to seeing natural hair textures. It also catches people off guard who just aren't used to seeing me with my natural hair. At the end of the day, I am the same me inside whether I'm wearing extensions or wearing my hair straight. I don't feel the need to fit into what people think looks best on me or what society thinks of me. It's my life, it's my style and it's My Hair! Your style from head to toe is your choice and your signature.

In the Pics: The overalls I'm wearing are from and I thought it'd be fun to take some playful shoots in it rocking my natural hair. My hair instantly turned into a fro in the Houston humidity but I've come to expect and accept that about my natural hair.

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