How I straighten my 4C Natural hair

HI Beauties!

I decided to take down my most recent extension install to wash, deep condition, and straighten my hair. It's been about 4 months since I've straightened my natural hair so I've been excited to see the growth progress. I like to keep it very simple when it comes to my natural hair because too much manipulation can cause unwanted damage.

The Process: 
I detangle, wash, condition, blow dry and straighten my hair in 3 to 4 sections. I have very thick and course natural hair that doesn't allow me to bunch my hair together without major tangles. Also, doing everything in sections ensures that all products are distributed well throughout my hair. The only products I use before blowing is a leave in conditioner and coconut oil concentrated on my ends. I wait until my hair is about 30% to 40% dry to start removing sections and blow drying my hair. I use the Lo-heat setting on the blow dryer for about 15 to 30 seconds and then switch to high heat. I brush out each section from the ends to root with a paddle brush.

 My heat protectant of choice is Tresemme's Thermal Creations Heat Tamer. When straightening my hair I use as little product as possible so that my hair won't be weighed down.

Once a small to medium section is dry I twist it and move on to the next section. Repeating this process until all my hair is dry and I'm left with a head full of twist. :)

I straighten my hair at 400 degrees on my flat iron. I flat iron one half of the twisted section and then the next. If the twisted section is a little too thick I may flat iron it in 3 parts. Once I'm done, my hair still has lots of body and texture.


During the summer months my flat ironed hair will not even last a day in the Texas Humidity! lol My main purpose of flat ironing is to see the full length of my hair as well as trim it if needed. I style my hair by doing twist outs, braid outs, ponytails and buns.
I'm newly natural so I'll definitely have more natural hair posts and videos for you on my YouTube channel.

Leave your questions and comment below what types of natural hair posts/videos you'd like to see!

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