Empire TV Show inspired Look: Me as Cookie Lyon!

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I wanted to make sure I shared this inspired look video that I'm very proud of. For the longest time I have stayed away from doing inspired looks. Mostly because I couldn't find the confidence to embody someone else's look and persona. I've realized that you don't have look like or even act like someone to admire and be inspired by their style.

So I took the plunge with my first inspired look as Cookie Lyon from the hit TV show Empire on Fox. I absolutely love empire and Tariji P. Henson who plays "cookie" on the show. Though I'm not as outwardly bold with my attitude, I have to admit that my inner self identifies with the cookie character. The cookie character is about her business, creative and bold. I admire those attributes in a woman and feel that I possess some of those same qualities. I think every woman has a little cookie in her. ;) I did a video collab with a fellow YouTuber Kathleen of Urbanbeautywithin who did a fabulous Tiana inspired look. Tiana is singer with lots of sex appeal also a character on Empire. This was sooooo much fun to do! I think you guys can look forward to more inspired looks in the new year! Click the video at the top of this post to watch the video! 
Also, tune into Empire every Wednesday on Fox! 

Some of my fav screenshots from the video! (Bottom left is Kathleen of Urbanbeautywithin as Tiana)

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