3 Ways To Make The New Year Count!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I posted much less this holiday season but I'm glad to be back in full action. I hope you guys had an amazing holiday season and had fun bringing in the new year!

We're only a few days into January so I thought I'd share some things I plan to do to make this year count!
With each passing year I truly believe that you can give more and do something different to enrich your life. Of course you do not have wait until the end or start of each year to make a change but a new year does feel like a fresh start. Below you'll find some fun ideas and helpful tips that you may want to try for yourself! Don't forget to share your thoughts & plans for the new year in the comment section. Enjoy! 

1) Make a memory jar. I found this great idea on pinterest! Time flies and you may forget some of the little things that made you smile throughout the year.Write every really funny, cool, awesome memorable moment down. I've got my jar ready and I'm thinking about sharing some things I write with you all at the end of the year.

2) Give Back. I'll never forget how it felt to volunteer at Texas Children's Hospital or donating to a few causes that mean a lot to me. Donate clothes and shoes you don't wear to organizations like purple heart of goodwill. Any little bit can help someone else and I truly believe it's a part of why we're here. 

3) Set short term goals. We all have long term goals but most of them take the average person years to achieve. So set some short term goals that can be achieved over the next few months or by the end of the year. Short term goals can give you a sense of accomplishment as you work on your long term goals.
My short term goals: 
1) Finish decorating my new apartment.  
2) Lose 10 pounds before Spring/Summer 2016
3) Reach 5,000 subscribers on YouTube by June 2016 (Currently at 2,900)
4) Grow my hair to Bra Strap Length by the end of 2016 (Currently a couple inches past shoulder length)
5) Take a full week vacation. I take a small trip or two every year for 3 or 4 days. So a Full 7 day vacation is what I'm aiming for this year!

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