How to: Bantu Knot Out 4C Natural Hair

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It's so time consuming to style natural hair on a daily basis. Most of the time I wear my hair in a high puff ponytail or 2 braids pinned up. I know, Boring! However, when I find some time I do put in a little more effort to style my hair. The other day I decided to try the Bantu knot out method on blow dried hair. I have yet to try this style since I've been natural but I loved the look on my relaxed hair.

I used only 2 products to achieve this look: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Gel Souffle and Africa's Best Herbal Oil. My hair is very course and curls form easily so I just need a little hold and some moisture. This style can be achieved on wet hair but depending on how fast your hair dries, you may want to blow dry your hair a bit. You want to make sure your hair is completely dry before taking out the bantu knots. You can also dampen your dry hair a little to help set the curls more. I prefer to do most of my hairstyles on dry stretched hair. My hair takes literally 8 to 12 hours to air dry completely because it is so thick. Which is why 80% of the time I opt for blow drying my hair.

This technique takes about an hour for me because I have thick hair and I'm doing small to medium sized sections. Once you get the hang of twisting the hair into the bantu knots it may take less time. Make sure each section is detangled before twisting the hair into a bantu knot. It's best to detangle hair before styling. I secure each bantu knot with a bobby pin to make sure they don't come unraveled. Pass time by watching a movie or listening to music while doing this process. I swear it helps!

Heat less curls are the best way to avoid unnecessary damage from heat. So this method is great. Give it a try!

Click the video above to check out the process step by step!

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