My Top 3 Drugstore Foundations

HI Loves,

I've been wanting to share my foundation favorites for a long time but it was hard to compile a list. It literally came down to what foundations I always go back to. I also decided to rate only liquid foundations because that is the form I typically use.

I think we all have tried quite a few foundations that have come up short. Also, just because a product is affordable doesn't mean it should completely lack quality. As a woman of color, I've found it difficult over the years to find a shade match or brands with a variety of shades. What a relief it is that several brands have started cater to all shades more. I also think that over the years, most affordable brands have improved on their formulas.

I can't afford to break the bank no matter how much I love makeup. lol So it's great that drugstore foundations are making advancements to offer more quality. Click the video above and to see my current Top 3 liquid foundations.  I'm definitely excited to share more of my holy gail products with you guys soon!

Comment your affordable foundation favorites below! 

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