My Pet Adoption Story: Meet Rocko!

December 2015 my husband and I decided that we were ready to get a dog but weren't quite sure what breed we wanted. I spent a lot of time researching different breeds and breeders in my area. We just couldn't make up our minds. Then my husband suggested that we adopt a dog from a shelter.

I started searching for a shelter in my area but wasn't fully convinced that I wanted to adopt a pet. My main concern was adopting a dog who had been so mistreated that it would be hard to make him or her comfortable in a new environment. What if the dog is horrible once we get him or her home? Just being completely honest! 

I stumbled upon the Poodle Rescue of Houston online and saw a few dogs that just melted my heart. So I decided to visit the rescue and try to interact with some of the dogs still waiting to be adopted. It's heartbreaking to see just how many dogs have been neglected and mistreated. I was shown two little adorable chihuahua mixed puppies at the beginning of my tour but wanted to try and interact with some of the older dogs.  I did try to interact with the one or two of the older dogs but wasn't getting much reaction. They were either scared or just plain unwilling to interact with new people. 

So I requested to play with the adorable little puppies I was shown at the beginning of my walk through. I immediately fell in love with them both! They had been given the name Shawn for the boy and Gussie for the girl. We were only looking to adopt one dog and decided on the male puppy Shawn. Thankfully, we were able to find a cozy home with a family friend for the female puppy Gussie. We decided to rename Shawn and chose the name Rocko. It was something playful to match his personality. 

Immediately Rocko became a member of our family. You can see just how adorable and sweet he looks in the images but you have no idea! I won't bore you guys with all of things that he does everyday to make us laugh but he's hilarious! He's also such a cuddlier with us both when it's time to sleep. We're so happy that our searching for a pet lead to our little fur baby Rocko. 

I totally suggest checking out your local animal rescues if you're looking to own a pet and aren't set on any particular breed. Adoption may not be your first choice but it's worth considering. You may just find the perfect pet for you and your loved ones! 

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