The Perfect Casual Jumpsuit

HI my stylish friends,

I'm loving everything about this casual jumpsuit I purchased from forever 21 online. The fit is great and I still look like I tried. lol It's tough when you're always on the run and your closet is full of dresses because you're a girly girl like myself. The struggle is real. The casual side of my closet definitely needs help. I'm excited to start adding more "get up and go" outfits like this jumpsuit to my wardrobe. 

This particular day, I had a few errands to run with the hubby and wanted to get some pics of my puppy Rocko. Check out My Pet Adoption Story post to see more adorable photos of my little fur baby! 

There's so many great things about this particular jumpsuit that I can point out. The fabric is breathable and comfortable. The emphasis on the zippers really adds style and I love the deep side pockets. Though I like a little pattern from time to time, this solid light grey color is perfectly simple. I threw on some flats, hoop earrings, and a long chain to complete this look. Simplicity. :) 

It's not easy to find a great fitting jumpsuit especially when purchasing online. Just make sure you save the packaging for returns. Also, it's really helps to know your measurements for online shopping. 


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