Starting A Fitness Journey

So recently I've started yet another fitness journey. Honestly, as soon as winter is over I start feeling the need to get fit. The motivation comes from knowing that I'll be wearing less clothes in the warmer months. Whether you want to lose weight for health reasons, drop 20 pounds, fit in those skinny jeans or look good in a bikini. It seems the average person only gains enough motivation to achieve short term fitness goals.

Setting short term goals is fine but it will take continued commitment to your health and fitness to maintain results. Making exercise and eating right a part of your daily life will save you from the vicious cycle of temporary results. I've personally decided that my only goal is to take better care of myself long term. I've done away with my bad eating habits. No more over eating or buying fast food everyday. Portion control and incorporating more vegetables in my diet has been working wonders. 

When I don't feel like working out I go anyway. Those are the days that I feel the best after working out. Pushing yourself doesn't mean killing yourself in the gym. Even cutting your usual workout in half is better than no activity. Mixing it up helps as well. Taking a swim, riding a bike, playing a sport like tennis or basketball are great alternatives to traditional cardio. 

Don't stress results because you will surely see them if you're consistently doing your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'd say stick to natural supplements to optimize your fitness efforts. Always do your research! Taking something that may help you achieve your weight loss goal quicker but is harmful is not worth it. No crash diets necessary. Being mindful of what you eat on a regular basis and doing some form of exercise 3 to 5 days a week should do the trick!

Lastly, exercising and eating better is not about meeting the status quo. Be inspired by others but never set a goal to look exactly like someone else. It's about living as healthy of a lifestyle that you can. 

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