YouTube Creator Day Houston| 6-15-16

So last week I attended my first YouTube Creator Day event here in Houston. I have to say that it was pretty awesome! I think the best part was seeing all of the other creators in Houston.
I try my best to be active in the blogging and vlogging scene but it's tough with my schedule. I applaud YouTube for creating such an event for the creators in major cities. The event is free and creators with 1,000 plus subscribers are invited to register online by YouTube. Though YouTube has a lot of resources and online forums, it's just great to be able to ask questions live. 

This was a full day event from 10am to 5pm. Check in was from 10am to 11am and there was a light breakfast. The presentation portion of the event started a little after 11am. On each seat there was a YouTube Creator day tablet and pen. Super Cute! During the presentation we were engaged with games and asked questions. I really like that we weren't just sitting there listening to a presentation. We talked about thumbnails, video titles, and tools that we should utilize. 

We took a break for lunch at around 1pm to 2pm. During that time I was able to chat with other YouTubers. It was great to see the diversity in each of the creators as well as discover different types of content. After lunch we jumped right back in to do some group work. We were asked to pitch collaborations and even analyzed each others channels. There was a great sense of community throughout the entire event.

We even got to pick the brains of a few popular Houston YouTube creators on the panel for the last hour. I was super excited that Mynaturalhairsistas was on our panel. Amongst them were FullyRawKristina and IamKayelle. These ladies were beautiful in person and shared great stories with us. All in all I truly believe YouTube creator day is a great event for YouTubers who are trying to grow their brands. I recommend attending this event in your city or a city near you if you're a creator!



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