HOLY SHIMMER! Urban Decay Moondust Palette Review

I haven't treated myself to a new eyeshadow palette in awhile so on my recent trip to ULTA I was on the hunt for one! There I was walking around ULTA doing my swatching from the testers when I saw it..... Holy Shimmer!
The new Urban Decay Moondust Palette literally stopped me in my tracks. The packaging alone was enough to sell me on this fabulous palette. Urban Decay is one of the best in presentation when it comes to their packaging. They have great quality products all around in my opinion. I have a love affair with shimmer so I instantly knew that this was the palette for me. Shimmer reflects light and draws a lot of attention to the eyes. Metallic and shimmery colors really pop on deeper skin tones like mine.

This palette features eight eyeshadows at a price point of $49.00 dollars online and in store. I'm a bargain shopper who picks and chooses where I will splurge. The price point is not necessarily cheap but neither is the quality of the product. I have to say that you're getting a pretty good deal. The only con with this palette is that the color pay off is not consistent for all of the shades. However, a good eyeshadow base or primer will definitely intensify the color. Other than that the pigments are gorgeous with just the right amount of shimmer.

These are the pigments without a primer or base. 

Would you purchase this palette? Also suggest other new makeup items you'd like me to review. Comment below! 

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