How to wash 4C Natural hair

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I like to keep my natural hair care regimen fairly simple. I'm not into using a lot of products and treatments. My simple regimen has worked for me so far during my natural hair journey.
When I wash my hair there are no bells and whistles. I'm simply cleansing my hair and deep conditioning with a moisture or protein masque. 

I try to stick to a schedule of every week washing my hair. Two of those weeks I cleanse with shampoo and the other 2 weeks I cleanse with conditioner only aka co-wash. I have very thick and tightly coiled hair often referred to as 4C hair. My is very thick and has lots of shrinkage. It is also prone to dryness. I feel as if I have achieved a moisture balance for the most part. I find that the best thing you can do is keep your regimen simple. 

In the video you'll see that my hair is in 4 sections for detangling, deep conditioning and washing. I do this because my hair is so thick and tangles up easily. It is near impossible to detangle and apply product to my hair without parting sections. I take my time and work through tangles with a wide tooth comb and my fingers. Once my hair is deep conditioned and detangled it is a breeze to wash and style my hair afterwards. 

There is a debate about deep conditioning on dry hair verses wet hair. Which one is better? Well, my answer is that it depends. If I were to skip a wash or co-wash day and my hair has alot of build up then I would wash my hair first and then deep condition. That way my conditioner is not being piled on top of really dirty hair, If you sweat a lot or after going swimming I wouldn't suggest deep conditioning before washing your hair. Considering that I don't use many products during the week and cleanse every week I prefer to deep condition on dry hair. My hair feels just as moisturized either way. Do what works and makes sense for your lifestyle.

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