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I was so excited to take on the challenge of recreating looks from the care free style of Actress Sasha Lane. Sasha's personal style is very similar to her character in her break out role for the movie American Honey (Limited USA release date Septemeber 30th, 2016). Check out the trailer:

I love how the actress seems totally comfortable in her skin and has an effortless style. Sasha's style matches her seemingly free spirited personality. Although you may see the actress in a nice designer dress in a magazine or on the red carpet. The actress is effortlessly beautiful. Often she can be seen wearing her lovely dreaded locks and very minimal makeup. I recreated a couple of Sasha's looks with the help of Palais Royal Find the items I used to recreate these looks and other fabulous clothing from Palais Royal in store or online: Click here

Look #1

Photo Copyright: Getty Images-Photographer Camilla Morandi

Look #1 is just so cute and and right up my alley. I was kind of taken back by the bare feet but I love how she just really doesn't care. The look is chic and care free. I could see this as the perfect island vacation outfit. Sasha sported this look at the 69th Cannes Film Festival this year and she looked great! Very youthful and free spirited. My complete look (pictured below) is from Palais Royal and I think I did a decent job of matching the overall style. The off the shoulder top and colorful vertically stripped skirt is a win in my book. I know it's officially fall and this is more of a spring look but I liked it enough to recreate it. 

Look #2

Yes, another spring look but still a very simple and cute one that I love. Also, it was still 90 degrees here in Houston up until a few days ago. Now we're finally in the 80's. So in my defense, both outfits work for the early fall time here in Texas. :) K! Now I love a good denim overall look. I was able to find a cute denim style romper to match this feminine but relaxed style. This is simplicity at it's finest. I was even able to find a cute little pearl necklace as she has on. 

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