Puerto Rico Spring 17'| 30th birthday getaway!

Hi loves! I'm super excited to share more from my Puerto Rico Trip. It was hard to find time for filming and photo taking due to a couple days of scattered rain and our planned excursions. So I didn't get as much footage as I planned. We had to be very careful with our equipment but we were able to capture some great images & video. It forced us to live in the moment a little more than usual which actually was a good thing.
View from our Airbnb!

The fact that I'd be turning 30 in April definitely motivated me to plan a fun but affordable trip. There were a few key reasons why I decided on Puerto Rico. 1) It's U.S territory. So no passport and no currency exchange required. Though I do have a passport but I hate dealing with customs. Plus, I was able to use my cell phone without the extra charges.  2) The scenery. Images of the beaches, old San Juan and the rain forest really drew me in. 3) Travel Distance. One day I would love to take a trip to the Maldives, Dubai, Asia and other awesome travel destinations. I was just not feeling like a 12 to 24 hour flight this time around. It's a little under 5 hours from Houston to Puerto Rico.

Conando beach in San Juan was a short walk away <3

The trip was better than I imagined! I snorkeled for the first time in deep water. I was given a floating device that really helped put me at ease because I am not a strong swimmer. It was beautiful and an awesome first time experience. We also road an ATV through the El Yunque Rainforest. The views were amazing and I didn't even mind how muddy I got riding on the back with my husband. In fact, right after that I changed my clothes and got made up to do a photo shoot with an awesome group of locals I meet. Read my previous post to read more about that collaboration here: Naturalistas in Puerto Rico!

We only got a few cellphone pics of the ATV due to the chance or rain :(

We also got to visit old San Juan which is so cultured and has fabulous colored buildings. The food was great though I was only able to share snaps of my food on social media before devouring it. lol We did quite a bit of walking and other activity so we stayed hungry. Puerto Rico is an awesome travel destination! One of my favorite trips so far. 

Check out this video with highlights from our trip:

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