Making Room For Two!

If you haven't guessed it or found out through my social media, I'M PREGNANT WITH TWINS!! My husband and I are totally overjoyed to be welcoming twins by December 14th, 2017. As exciting as this time has been, it has also already started to change our world so much. I am planning out much more content for you guys in regards to this journey and my usual content. This time in my life is definitely one that I want to cherish but I'm working on balance. 

I'm currently 3 months and everything is going amazing so far. I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy pregnancy. I'm staying positive and doing my best to get all of my nutrients. So far so good! As far as being pregnant with twins goes, I was able to conceive them naturally. This is a huge blessing considering that we had been trying for a couple of years. I had my first ultrasound at 9 weeks and was completely surprised that we discovered two growing embryos with strong heartbeats. For awhile I couldn't even imagine being pregnant let alone with twins!

I have been referred to a multiples specialist and my little ones will be monitored closely throughout my pregnancy, which is typical for multiple pregnancies. I'm looking forward to discovering what type of twins I'm having whether identical or fraternal. I would love fraternal boy/girl twins but we're both truly completely happy with either combination or genders. Just praying for healthy and happy babies in the end. My heart is already filled with so much love as we plan for their arrival. This journey won't be easy but we are so ready for it and excited to share a part of this journey with you all. Hang tight as I get back on schedule with my content and than you for taking you in advance for your continued support of Tcholesworld blog & YouTube channel. 

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